Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer
Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer

* Part 1: The Story of the Fifth Musketeer

* Part 2: Interview with the Graphic Artist: Teoman Irmak

* Part 3: Touché, Ben Daglish, Jacques Offenbach and Clipper Software

The story


Geoffroi Le Brun, ensign in His Majesty's musketeers, is the main character in Touché. In the intro of the game Geoffroi arrives in the middle of the night in Rouen to start his new posting at the musketeer headquarters. Just before he arrives, the unfortunate Comte d'Itee William de Peuple has been attacked by bandits and his precious will has been stolen.

Geoffroi finds de Peuple stabbed before the tavern and offers him his assistance to find his will. A "beggar", called "Henri", has witnessed the crime, and for a gold coin he informs Geoffroi about the bandits and their leader, a man in a blue cape. Some of them are still in the tavern and the brave Geoffroi challenges them, but he is knocked unconscious during the fight and the bandits escape.

Next day Henri - who only pretended to be a beggar and who is fired by the owner of the tavern when he discovers this - is hired as his manservant, and together they start a quest to find the man in the blue cape.

They have to travel back and forth the northern part of France, visiting the cities of Amiens, St Quentin, Le Mans, Paris and Le Havre.

In Rouen Geoffroi falls in love, not with a beautiful spy called "Milady" (see background), but with beautiful Juliette Renault, and by bringing her various gifts he hopes to become her favorite. During his adventures it becomes clear that the real villain behind the murder of de Peuple is Cardinal of Guisse, who wants to seize absolute power with the inheritance of de Peuple, the bones of the great king Charles V and an army of skeletons that are evocated by performing a magical ceremony in de Peuple's castle.

In the end Geoffroi succeeds in defeating the Cardinal, but Juliette goes for the money, that is for the wealth of the heir of William de Peuple, a mysterious heir that can be identified by his special birthmark. Sadly, it appears that not Geoffroi, but that Henri is the mysterious heir.

So poor Geoffroi gains neither girl nor wealth, and the game ends accordingly with dark screens showing the castle of de Peuple at night (just as it started in Rouen at night).

(c) All artwork copyright Clipper Software/Teoman Irmak
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