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Interview with Rachi Chebli, graphic designer Fascination - Part 1

GN had the pleasure to interview Rachid Chebli, the French painter, comic book and video game artist. Chebli worked on various games by Coktel Vision that were developed during its golden years, and on many games that were released by Coktel's successors.

Can you tell us a bit about your background please, before you started to work in the game industry?

I was born in the 18th district in Parls on July 31, 1959. I have been studying at the ENSAAMA (School of Applied Arts and Design) in Paris. After my studies, I've worked for four years for different studios and advertising agencies in Paris and its surroundings. Then I had various painting exhibitions throughout France, and at the same time I created Bargon Attack, the comic book, after which I started to work at Coktel Vision.

Why the alias, Rasheed?

Rasheed was my name as comic book artist, which I abandoned later on. "Rasheed," because I like Anglo-Saxon culture (besides French chocolate). I simply changed the "I" of Rachid into the "ee" for Rasheed, as I found that very classy, of course.

When/how did you start at Coktel Vision and how was it like?

I started at Coktel in 1990. In those days, the brothers Marc (authors of BA) and I played all games that were published for the Amiga, and we just decided to send a synopsis with some Amiga bitmaps to various publishers. Coktel's reply was the one we liked best. I started there with Bargon Attack as a free lancer, and got a regular job when I began to work on Fascination.

I have enclosed a photocopy of a feature on Coktel Vision, in French, that might interest you. It was published in Joystick in 1992, with pictures of myself and other artists of the group.

Was the Bargon Attack the first comic book you created?

I published many cartoons, but never had the opportunity (because of my work at Coktel) to publish all in the form of an album. Bargon Attack was published in Micro News, a French monthly, during the years 1989-1991.

GN noticed a photo that was added to an interview that you had with Altpast, and became very curious. Who are on it, and were was it taken? (GN: "Alone in the Past?" Co-founder BLOOD was so kind to send GN the email address of Mr. Chebli. Fortunately Mr. Chebli's English appeared to be a lot better than GN's French).

Here are some explanations of the photo that intrigues you (see also the attachment I have send to you, with an inverted photo of it).

Lionel was a good friend, who took care of the technical maintenance of the machines (PC, Amiga, Atari, at that time). He is hidden under a Bargonian mask. He also appears in the intro of Bargon Attack as journalist, see the enclosed screenshot.

The others were Jo and Paco [Salamander, GN], also good friends, but they didn't participate in Bargon Attack. I myself are on it as well: that is my foot that you see on the photo, and my reflection in the window! The photo was taken at Coktel Vision, at the workplace exactly behind the restaurant, and was intended for the press to present the release of this game.

Who is "J0"?

Jo is the nickname of Joseph Kluytmans, Art Director and Graphic Designer on Ween: The Prophecy, and of many other productions by Coktel Vision.

You are the only graphic author mentioned in the credits of Bargon Attack. Did you create everything yourself? (GN: It's quite a long game, including numerous locations).

Indeed, I did all the artwork. I created the characters and their animations, and all the backgrounds.

Do you still have a copy of the game? (GN: It's quite rare, and we just learned that the creator of Touché, one of the titles on GN, got only ONE production copy, without a manual).

I don't owe a complete version. Just an empty box, and I only have a pirate copy of my own game.

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