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The story

Miller is only shown as corpse in the game

  Deceased on Paris-Miami flight
Jeffrey Miller, chairman and general manager of the Quantum Unlimited Laboratory (QUL), is a Florida billionaire who built his fortune on pharmaceutical research. His latest discovery is a cerebral-chemical substance which promises to revolutionize the world of neuropsychiatry. It would neutralize some behavioral inhibitors secreted by the brain, and would have no secondary effects at homeopathic doses.

Peter Hillgate ("Doc") is a former plastic surgeon, whose license was taken because of professional faults and illegal practices. Doc immediately understands that he can make a big profit from this substance.

Room in Pelican hotel

Doralice has landed at the pool of the Pelican hotel
On a flight from Paris to Miami, captain Doralice (D.) is confronted with a dying passenger whose name is, according to the boarding list, Faynard Nichols, 59 years old. He asks her to take and protect his briefcase that has an important vial in it. She should take the case to the President of the Quantum Unlimited Laboratory in Miami. He dies before he can tell her what the combination is.

The game starts in D's room at the Pelican Hotel in Miami. In a Who's-Who directory she finds the name of Jeffrey Miller at the QUL. He agrees to meet her in his office and he gives her the keycode to his office.

In his office on the seventh floor she finds this body, the second death in 24 hours. He has left a message on a micro-cassette, in which he says he has decided to give the government a sample of his most important invention. There exist only 3 vials: the one that was stolen by Peter Hillgate, another one that D. has found in the suitcase and one that he has given to his son Kenneth. He also says that Hillgate is synthesizing the product in his secret Coconut Grobe lab, which is hidden under a women's lingerie store.

In a secret room in the store D. finds some cassette messages, stating that the operation was successful, but that the patient was contacted by someone staying at the Pelican hotel. After the question "if amputation would be necessary", D. erases the messages to prevent she will become a victim.

In a cupboard she finds to her surprise two vials - she destroys the vials with a stiletto heel - and various photo's of a patient that are signed by "Lou Dale". Back in the hotel she checks the phone directory and it appears that Dale is a glamor photographer ("Creator of the Neo-Erotic Art Concept") with a gallery called "Declic Gallery".

When she returns to her hotel room she finds that it has been ransacked. Her friend Ron is laying on the bed, apparently drugged, and she concludes he must have drank the contents of the vial. On the floor she finds a label-pin which might be a clue. She calls the reception about the situation in the room, and the receptionist informs her that a police inspector is asking for her.

Pedro di Helgos with his cat & wheelchair
Inspector Pedro di Helgos, sitting in a wheelchair with a cat on his knees, questions her about the death of Nichols. She answers his questions honestly, but pretends to know nothing about the death of Miller.

She shows the photo she has found in the lab to the receptionist, who identifies the person as Kenneth Miller, the millionaire's son. After showing the label-pin to her, she says that it is from a club in the Calle Ocho, in the Cuban district.

In her room she combines two pieces of paper she has found earlier and it appears to be the phone number of Lou Dale. D. arranges a meeting with her, but when she arrives at the photo studio she has to get rid of one of the bad guys first.

Dale tells her that she was asked to do an undercover job to seduce Kenneth Miller. She kept in touch with him until he disappeared, and when he showed up again he was acting wierdly and didn't recognize her at all. Dale informs her about the place where to find him, the Red and Blue Club". Before D. leaves to investigate there, Dale gives her Kenneth's signet-ring.

At the club, D. seduces Kenneth, but when he takes her home, she offers him the drugged chocolates she has found in her hotel room and he falls asleep. D. takes his signet-ring, and a tattoo on his buttock makes clear that he isn't Kenneth, but called "Archie", a look-alike created after plastic surgery. He also has a pendant, which is similar to the one the inspector has left behind.

In the villa's lounge, with the help of the ring she has found, she manages to find Doc's hideout. He is busy with a surgery procedure and she is captured. When she wakes up, she notices the inspector, who claims to have saved her.

  A piranha bites Doralice's finger
In the lounge, if she doesn't take a precaution, she will get bitten by the piranhas in a aquarium, and the finger cursor will look hurt during the rest of the game.

D. goes to the bathroom and finds a way to neutralise the unreliable inspector. She creates a formalin spray and uses it on him. It appears he isn't a cripple at all, and she believes that Doc and he are the same person.

In another room (the organ room) D. has to bypass some obstacles to open a secret room. In the room she finds a prisoner, and when she compares his ring with the other one, it becomes clear that this is the real Kenneth Miller. She manages to set a fire that disrupts an electrical unit, and she escapes the villa.

The game ends with a scene with all the characters she has met during her adventures. The player can click on each of the characters to get their comments.

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