Cyberdreams's catalog of luminaries and (un-)published games
Cyberdreams's catalog of luminaries and (un-)published games

In April 1996, Paul Licari, by then president of Cyberdreams, announced the appointment of Elizabeth Olsen as Director of Marketing & Communications. She would take care of "Cyberdreams's 1996 product line of entertainment CD-ROM software, which would include Noir, a black and white detective thriller, Reverence, Cyberdreams's first fantasy-action title, and The Incredible Shrinking Character, an action-adventure title."

History repeated itself. Only Noir would be published. The Species game, announced in 1995 and set for 1996, was a project that was never realized. Reverence, already announced in 1995, and The Incredible Shrinking Character were also never published. But (pre-)production on these 3D games had begun, and examples were shown on Cyberdreams's website.

DS 2

In Reverence, you are asked to "Test your metal against the Gods: The apocalyptic gods of fire, earth, water and air have chosen you to determine the future of the human race - a race they believe has grown too apathetic and unjust to live. Your strength and resolve will determine whether the human spirit can defeat these archaic gods. Traveling in first-person view, you must battle through 20 increasingly difficult levels in a battle that will decide the fate of all humanity."

You will face Osiris, the Egyptian god of death and the underworld; Kokyangwuti, the Hopi goddess of life energy, half woman, and half arachnid; Frejya the beautiful yet deadly Norse goddess of love affairs who will unleash upon you all the fury of a woman scorned; and a host of other gods and their minions of vengeance. If you survive all other hazards, you must journey to the Realm of Air, the breath-taking world of atmospheric islands inhabited by Manjursi, the Tibetan god of wisdom, whose vast powers can even corrupt your own will against you.

Scenes from Reverence

In Reverence, the player would be able to acquire and arsenal of 20 conventional and non- conventional weapons, as well as cast spells found throughout the levels. The four gods could be confronted in any order. The game was called "network compatible": "Taking advantage of the latest technologies, including simultaneous voice transfer, the network play feature has a separate storyline and several modes of play, including options of competitive, death-match and team-play."

The game was developed by TSi (Three Space Imagery) and apparently an alpha version was leaked. (for some some clips, see YouTube (1) (2)

Writer/musician Jesse Sublett (l) &
anonymous cat (r)

The "upcoming" Incredible Shrinking Character was announced in the May 1996 issue of TexasMonthly (for obvious reasons): the game was described as a new CD-ROM written by Austin mystery novelist Jesse Sublett and designed by GO GO Studios of Austin.


In this parody of fifties B-movies, you play a private eye who's been hired investigate the mysterious disappearance of Julie Caldwell, daughter of a wealthy east-coast industrialist family. You learn that she is kidnapped by a mad scientist called Dr. Warren Franklin. When you come to rescue her, he has laid a trap, and you awaken to find out that you are only 3 feet tall and shrinking. You realize now that finding Julie will be no simple task and that you have to find an antidote. But as insects have now twice your size, and a salt shaker can be the only shelter from the housekeeper's lethal dust brush, you have to use logic and combat to survive.

"Castle - kitchen"

"Julie Caldwell"

The incredible shrinking character would feature a real- time 3D environment, a choice to select between male or female character, high definition graphics, 3 dimensional/ stereo sound, and 10 levels of complex 3D interactive physical puzzle construction.

Bill Narum ca 2008

The game was taken into production by GO GO Studios and was half way through the development phase. On January 10, 1997, a "Shareware BETA test version" of The Incredible Shrinking Character was made available for download. Much info about the game was preserved by Bill Narum, former owner of GO GO Studios, on his now defunct website (including the demo and a short trailer). For a clip see here.

Fortunately. "Cyberdreams's 1996 product line of entertainment CD-ROM software" resulted in "Noir: A Shadowy Thriller"; but unfortunately, it would foreshadow Cyberdreams's own "future noir," as it would become the company's last game.

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